A long time ago, in a Galaxy far, far away……..

Not really true that statement, but who doesn’t love Star Wars right?
It was actually while sat in a class at UcLan Burnley, I had the idea of bridging the gap between artists and the public. Art, as we know, can sell for millions, well good art anyway. But there are also good local artists, photographers too who struggle to sell locally. Many produce prints, limited editions etc in the hope that only having 20 or 100 prints will spur people into buying. It’s an old tactic, but sometimes it works.
My idea initially was to take this artwork and put it onto Greetings Cards, Birthday, Anniversary etc, so that for a small cost, people could have this artwork they like at home. After speaking to a few Artists, it became apparent that there was an interest in other items too but without the knowledge how or where to manufacture them, this stopped them from doing so.
And so Yu-Neek was born.
We take an Artists image (Or Photograph), prepare it as a print file and reproduce it to order on a wide range of items. The Artist decides which items the image can be produced on and also the price that the item sells for. Yu-Neek create the selling platform, manufacture the item ordered and then ship it to the customer on the Artists behalf.
So from the Artists point of view, they can sell items they want, without having the outlay for machinery or bulk manufacture of items that may not sell.
So, do you know an Artist that may be interested?

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